If you are a shift worker and sleep during the day, then a block out blind is your thing. It completely blocks the sunlight and reduces your heating costs too. Light colored block out blinds are ideal for the modern homes. The block out window blinds are most used in nurseries, hospitals and offices. If your need to use the computer during the whole day, keep your room dark with this specific window blind.

To create a warm, cozy, and noise free atmosphere nothing could be better than the block out blinds. The stylish blinds with reflective backing reduce heat gain as well as heat loss. With this simply perfect window dressing, you can balance the heat and light in your home and office. Keep it half open and half closed and enjoy heat and light with comfort.

Made of 100% polyester with an acrylic coating, these are very easy to clean. Offers 99% UV protection and is perfect for every room. We provide brackets, screws, child safety clip, and a sidewinder mechanism. These are necessary for hassle free functioning of the blinds.

Our block out blinds are available in versatile styles and shades. We have solid colors, corporate shades, designer fabrics, etc. Installation and maintenance is completely hassle free and it’s available within competitive price range. Our specialized collection includes screens, fire retardant, anti microbial, translucent and many more. People prefer our blinds due its durability and variety. We avail manually controlled blinds as well as motorized ones.



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