To protect your home from UV rays, the sunscreen blinds are the best. We have classic, contemporary, subtle and bold sunscreen blinds. It does not shut down the outer views completely and lets you enjoy best of both worlds. You can maintain privacy without missing the awesome views outside.

Made of polyester, fiberglass or the new polyester the sunscreen blinds are perfect for your home and office. It blocks almost 90% of heat and UV rays but you get to enjoy the beautiful views from your window. The semi-transparent blinds are finely woven with holes in between the threads. The make restricts heat while allowing the light to enter the rooms. With Sunscreen, people can work comfortably in privacy. The blinds have chain control system with traditional spring mechanism.

If you are working in a room with Sunscreen, no one can see you from outside. At night after putting the lights on, only silhouettes can be seen. The blinds are completely safe for the children. Available within unbeatable range, we offer variety of colors and fabrics to match your taste. The robust and gorgeous sunscreens are very easy to handle. If you want personalized sunscreen, kindly specify it while placing the order.



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