Vertical Blinds Auckland

The traditional vertical blinds are perfect for your wide windows. Our customized vertical blinds offer an impeccable look to your home. To order personalized blinds, you need to specify its shape, size, color, etc. Thinner and lighter material always makes a great vertical blind.

  • The elegant blinds maintain a perfect balance of light and darkness.
  • It offers your room the privacy you need.
  • The personalized blinds are perfect for your home as well as the office.
  • Based on the size of the windows we adjust the width and height.
  • We offer vertical blinds of numerous colors and shades. These are bound to fit with the color of your interior.
  • By balancing, the sunlight in your room the vertical blinds protect your furniture from UV radiation and hence damaging.

The traditional vertical blinds come with chains and cord. With the chain, you can rotate vanes, open it and close. The cord helps to move the blind from one side to another. It also secures your wall. If you want something classy, buy the left stack and right stack. With these, you can choose on which side the vertical blind will rest if it’s opened. The wand control is one of the greatest options to control your blinds. It’s a child-safe alternative. If you use a split control, you can open the blinds in the middle. If you want gentle light through the vanes, a free hang fabric would be the best for you.



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